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(713) 500-7975

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Assistant Professor

Education & Background

Graduate School
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
Postdoctoral Fellowship
MIT/Baylor College of Medicine
Cambridge, Massachusetts/Houston, Texas


Research Interests
Our interests focus on understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms that control embryonic development and how alterations in these mechanisms result in birth defects. By utilizing molecular, genetic and biochemical studies in zebrafish, we can understand how perturbation of specific genes or gene products result in developmental abnormalities. We study genes that are essential for neural, craniofacial and vascular development.


Swindell, E.C., Zilinski, C., Hashimoto, R., Shah, R., Lane, M.E.and Jamrich, M. (2008) Regulation and function of Foxe3 during early zebrafish development. Genesis 46 (3):177-183.

Swindell, E.C., Liu, C., Shah, R., Smith, A.N., Lang, R.A. and Jamrich, M. (2008) Eye formation in the absence of retina. Developmental Biology 322:56-64.

Xu, X., Yi Shi, Y., Zhang, H.-M., Swindell, E.C., Marshall, A.G.,4, Guo, M., Kishi, S. and Yang, X.-L. (2012) Unique domain appended to vertebrate tRNA sythetase is essential for vascular development. Nat Commun. 3:681.

Yuan, Q., Chiquet, B.T., DeVault, L., Warman, M.L., Nakamura, Y., Swindell, E.C. and Hecht, J.T. (2012) Craniofacial abnormalities result from knock down of nonsyndromic clefting gene, crispld2, in zebrafish. Genesis 50(12):871-81.

Lu, F., Kar, D., Gruenig, N., Zhang, Z.W., Cousins, N., Rodgers, H.M., Swindell, E.C., Jamrich, M., Schuurmans, C., Mathers, P.H. and Kurrasch, D.M.  (2013) Rax is a selector gene for hypothalamic feeding circuits. J Neurosci. 33(1):259-72.

Lab Information

Samantha Berkey; Graduate Student, (713) 500-5535, Samantha.C.Berkey@uth.tmc.edu 

Lawrence Zhu; Undergraduate Research Trainee, (713) 500-5535