Graduate School
Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Institute of Education Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow with the Ford School’s Education Policy Initiative, 2018-2020

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

As an early childhood educational researcher with an expertise in applied quantitative methodology, Dr. Yeomans-Maldonado’s research focuses on the contexts and policies that support optimal experiences for the development of young Latino children’s learning. Her work spans multiple ecological contexts (i.e., early childhood, parenting, school, and policy), and aims to make direct, practical contributions to ensure Latino children have the necessary supports to benefit equally than their peers do from school experiences. Dr. Yeomans-Maldonado is also interested in how advances in quantitative methodology can be applied to better understand early childhood experiences.

Research Information

Dr. Yeomans-Maldonado has extensive experience conducting research that has informed on the literacy practices of Latino families. In conducting this work, Dr. Yeomans-Maldonado has used different data sets (i.e., ECLS-K: 2011, secondary data sets from federally funded studies, data from small-sample surveys), and both quantitative and qualitative methods. Other related research has involved the application of various advanced quantitative methods to understand language development in monolingual English-speakers and Spanish-English bilinguals. In this role, she led the quantitative analysis of several studies involving multiple language assessments to understand the dimensionality of language in children from PreK to Grade 3. These studies have involved latent variable models, multilevel models, multilevel mediation models, and growth models.