Graduate School
Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1984

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Dr. Landry’s research covers examinations of biological and environmental influences on children’s development from infancy through adolescence as well as numerous federally funded parent-child and early childhood classroom intervention studies. This continued research makes use of new intervention approaches to provide parents and teachers with resources that are effective in supporting young children’s development.


Publication Information

Dr. Landry’s research findings can be found in more than 125 peer-reviewed publications, 30 chapters, and a monograph Effective Early Childhood ProgramsTurning Knowledge into Action. Her most recent articles include the following.

Merz, E.C., Zucker, T.A., Landry, S.H., Williams, J.M., Assel, M., Taylor, H.B., Lonigan, C.L., Phillips, B.M., Clancy-Menchetti, J., Barnes, M.A., Eisenberg, N., de Villiers, J. & the School Readiness Research Consortium. Parenting predictors of cognitive skills and emotion knowledge in socioeconomically disadvantaged preschoolers. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 132,14-31, 2015.

Raghubar, K., Barnes, M.A., Dennis, M., Cirino, P.T., Taylor, H., & Landry, S.H. Neurocognitive predictors of mathematical processing in school-age children with spina bifida and their typically developing peers: Attention, working memory, and fine motor skills. Neuropsychology, Vol 29 (6), 861-873, 2015. doi:1037/neu0000196

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