Selvaraj wins inaugural award

Selvaraj, Sudhakar depression

Sudhakar Selvaraj, MD, PhD

Sudhakar Selvaraj, MD, PhD, received the inaugural early career award from the International Society for Affective Disorders at a November conference in London, United Kingdom.

The award is presented on a nomination basis to an individual who has made a significant impact in their contribution in at least one area of advocacy, clinical practice, knowledge translation, or research in mood disorders, and is within ten years of receiving their last degree.
Selvaraj’s research centers around biological mechanisms involved in the cause and treatment of depression to better diagnose and treat patients suffering from this condition. He’s also conducted research in brain imaging of antidepressant mechanisms, which was the main research component he was recognized for.
Since joining UTHealth in 2014, Selvaraj has shown great skill in building and launching clinical programs and research work. He’s greatly impacted student health services, which he manages. He also created a collaborative clinic that focuses on perinatal and postpartum depression. Some of Selvaraj’s other work includes research into biomarkers of antidepressant response, links between inflammation and mood, and involved in the deep brain stimulation and psilocybin clinical trials.
Selvaraj says it’s a great honor to be recognized by his peers.
“It makes you feel like you’re doing the right thing,” Selvaraj said. “It motivates you to continue to work in the field and, most importantly, bring something from the research to our patients in the clinic.”