Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: free self-help tools and resources at your fingertips

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is typically done with a therapist in an office to address any concerns you may be experiencing, but CBT is now available online free of charge! Manage your emotional and behavioral wellness, whenever you need to and wherever you are with Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (DCBT). DCBT programs are private, confidential and can be accessed any time, day or night, via web or mobile, addressing the most common behavioral health conditions:

  • ComfortAble®—for chronic pain
  • FearFighter®—for anxiety, panic and phobia
  • MoodCalmer—for depression
  • OCFighter—for obsessive thought patterns or compulsive behaviors
  • Restore®—for insomnia and other difficulties sleeping
  • Shade—for substance use/misuse concerns

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