Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Mission

Here at the UTHealth Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program, we celebrate and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion!

As the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee in the Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging Department, we develop and preserve a culture of diversity where each member of our team feels respected, valued, and filled with a sense of belonging. In all the unique ways in which we differ, there is richness in our differences which enhances our collective strength as a community of providers and reflects the diversity of our patients. We strive to foster an inclusive environment in which residents, fellows, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds are represented and treasured irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, physical ability, political belief, and socio-economic status.

Our mission is to create safe spaces that encourage constructive dialogue and appreciative inquiry. We are committed to continuously listen, learn and provide targeted resources to the members within our department, with an utmost focus on ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. We strive to uplift one another and create a welcoming and equitable environment that promotes engagement, creative innovation, opportunity for advancement, and excellent patient care. With the three pillars of natural diversity, moral equity, and choice of inclusion in mind, we aim to cultivate an environment of belonging and celebrate the uniqueness of our backgrounds and perspectives, with the goal of serving our profession and our patients the best we can.

International Residency Collaborations

The UTHealth Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program is proud to partner with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia! Each year, we offer a dedicated residency position for trainees from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to complete diagnostic radiology residency at UTHealth. Our objective is to provide these talented individuals with the skills to increase the presence and impact of radiology in their home countries.


We partner with multiple medical schools across the country to increase radiology awareness amongst their students and promote diversity within radiology. UTHealth faculty members serve as advisors for students at these schools, provide informational sessions and access to virtual noon conferences, facilitate mentorship throughout the application process, and encourage the pursuit of meaningful careers in radiology.

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