Moody-FrankThe recently published Frank Reflections represents the lifetime memoir of our Department’s second chair, Dr. Frank Moody.  From the excerpt:

More than sixty years ago, author Dr. Frank G. Moody began treating patients as a second-year medical student at Dartmouth Medical School-Mary Hitchcock Clinic in Hanover, New Hampshire. He was an academic surgeon for the next fifty-five years. In his memoir, Frank Reflections, he offers both a personal and professional overview of his life-his birth in 1928 in New Hampshire; his childhood during the Great Depression; his extensive schooling, both academic and medical; his military service; his experiences serving the sick as a surgical educator; the challenges of his profession; his personal joys of raising three grown children; and his love of skiing and hiking. Recalling a wide range of place, including New York, California Alabama, Utah, and Texas, this memoir communicates Moody’s dedication to his craft. Recapping a long and productive, but sometimes winding and turbulent career, Frank Reflections shares insights into Moody’s world, in which he tried to enjoy life while helping others get well from their illnesses.

frank reflectionsDr. Moody is a world-renowned surgeon and scientist whose work and reputation have been vital to the development of the Department of Surgery.  This brand-new book is available on Amazon; a review is forthcoming.