George LiaoKudos are due to George Liao, M.D., Resident in General Surgery in the Department, for earning a highly coveted distinction from the American College of Surgeons.  In addition to having two different papers selected for presentation in the Surgical Forum (a feat which is unusual in itself), George has been selected to receive an ACS Excellence in Research Award for his work in the lab of Dr. Charles S. Cox, Jr., MD, FACS.

Dr. Cox notes, “George has been able to combine work in clinical trials and basic research with his course work in research training. His award recognizes his dedication to excellence–now he’s focusing on writing!”

Dr. Liao’s work on using stem cells to treat traumatic brain injury continues a long line of our Residents’ efforts working in the field.  Current and former residents Robert Hetz, MD, Shinil Shah, DO, Peter Walker, MD, Matthew Harting, MD, and Ravi Radhakrishnan, MD, FACS all performed important work in Dr. Cox’ stem cell lab over the last decade, and Dr. Cox is himself a graduate of our Residency.

COX_CHARLESLTN“Autologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells Reduce Therapeutic Intensity for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Children.” George P. Liao, MD; Robert A. Hetz, MD; Shinil K. Shah, DO; Peter A. Walker, MD; Fernando Jimenez, MS, RN; Steven C. Kosmach, RN; Mary-Clare Day, RN; Dean A. Lee, MD, PhD; Laura L. Worth, MD, PhD; Charles S. Cox, MD, FACS