The renewal trauma T32 grant was awarded in late June and funded four positions, an increase over the previous award which only funded 2-3 positions. Three new T32 fellows were appointed on July 1. Henry Caplan, MD, will be mentored by Charles Cox, MD in the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and innate secondary inflammatory response associated with TBI. Erica Underwood, PhD, will be mentored by Pramod Dash, PhD examining pathways associated with ATP production in the treatment of TBI-related energy disruption. Gabrielle Hatton, MD, will be focused on improving outcomes from complications after ACS surgery within the context of a learning trauma system. Shuyan Wei, MD, continues as a T32 fellow for her second year. She is working with Lillian Kao, MD on a randomized clinical trial of plasma resuscitation in surgical and trauma patients with septic shock. Both Drs. Hatton and Wei are mentored by Drs. Charles Wade and Lillian Kao.