Houston man’s close call with colon cancer inspires wife to advocate for importance of screening

John and Brenda Sanders celebrate 50 years of marriage with a cruise five months after John's surgery to remove the polyp. (Photo credit: Brenda Sanders)

When Brenda Sanders, 72, heard about actor Chadwick Boseman’s death due to colon cancer, it brought back intense memories of the close call her husband had with the disease last year.

Doctors found a large polyp during her husband’s colonoscopy.

“My husband John, who was 74 at the time, hadn’t exhibited symptoms, but doctors did find a large polyp and it appeared to be cancerous,” Sanders said. “So, we had the surgery scheduled to remove it, and we were extremely relieved to hear that it wasn’t cancerous after all. Going through the waiting period and not knowing the results really takes a toll on you.”

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September 11, 2020