Anil Kulkarni, whose background is in immunology, is known for his collaborative work with universities around the world in Japan, Brazil, Mongolia and China. He has recently been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship which he will be taking this fall as Visiting Professor at several universities in India.

It’s his second time at UTHealth, having first come to the medical school in 1979 to work in organ transplantation. He stayed until 1993, when he left to work for six years in Saint Louis. In 1999, he returned and began building his academic partnerships.

Growing up in India, Anil says he “watched too many cowboy movies. John Wayne was my favorite actor. I always knew I wanted to come to the US and to Texas.” So it only made sense that his first job in the United States was a Research Assistant at UT-Austin, followed by a similar position at Baylor College of Medicine.  Since then he has held faculty positions in UTMS, SLUMC, and again now at UTMS.

For fun, Anil plays tennis every chance he gets. He also enjoys biking and speaks rudimentary Japanese. With his wife, a Ph.D. in Immunology, he takes part in ballroom dancing and Latin dancing.

The words he lives by, they are ones his grandfather taught him: “There is no way you can let yourself down. Try again and something good will come of it. “He also goes by the favorite quote of Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value.”


B.S., Chemistry-Physics, Bombay University, 1963
M.S., Biochemistry-Immunology, Research, Bombay University, 1970
Ph.D., Immunology, The Queen's University of Belfast, 1988