Teratogen CEU Event

 The Texas Transcript – Volume 2 – Issue 3 – August 2012

By Michelle Jackson

On July 27, 2012, the UT GCP hosted a CEU event, A Teratogen Update, presented by Jennifer Lemons and Myla Ashfaq. A big thank you to both of them for putting together such an informative and at times competitive event. The event began with an over-view of teratogens and common effects they have during pregnancy. Mid way through the event we played a “friendly” game of teratogen jeopardy. As you can imagine, with genetic counselors teaming up, it got a little spirited. It was all in good fun, but let’s face it, the teams with mostly prenatal counselors cleaned up. Don’t worry, the cancer counselor team didn’t go home empty handed… or in last place. Additionally we learned about cancer and pregnancy, the effects of radiation and chemotherapy on a pregnancy and the effects of these therapies on fertility. Jennifer and Myla wrapped the event up very nicely by discussing teratogen counseling techniques and helpful resources to utilize if you find yourself in a position needing information regarding tera-togens. If you weren’t able to attend the event and would like more information, please email Jennifer (Jennifer.M.Lemons@uth.tmc.edu) or Myla (Myla.Ashfaq@uth.tmc.edu). In addition, you can always utilize the Texas TIPS hotline at 1-855-884-7248.