Biopsy Submission

Renal Biopsy Kit

Kit Contains

  • 1 clear vial of Carson’s Formalin w/ MSDS
  • 1 opaque vial of Michel’s medium w/ MSDS
  • 1 four-pocket vial pouch
  • 1 12oz. plastic canister w/ biohazard label
  • 1 sheet of bubblewrap
  • 1 “Biological Substance Category B” Label
  • 1 “List of Contents” card (blue)
  • 1  FedEx shipping Pack

Specimen Collection and Grossing:

Each specimen should be individually packaged and submitted according to the following guidelines:

A small piece (1-1.5 cm) of the renal biopsy should be placed in the vial of Michel’s medium (an immunofluorescence holding solution) and transported to the UTPath Histology Laboratory as soon as possible. If collected too late to ship, it can be kept in the refrigerator until the next working day.

Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy:
An additional 1-1.5 cm of the biopsy should be placed in the vial of Carson’s formalin, then transported with the other vial of Michel’s fixative to the UTPath Histology Laboratory as soon as possible. Note: If no glomeruli are seen, then additional cores should be collected.

Each renal biopsy must be accompanied by a completed UTPath Diagnostic Request Form. The form must have the patient’s name, date of birth, hospital account number, and surgical pathology number, as well as the attending physician’s name, type of specimen submitted, date of biopsy, and clinical data. Specific instructions for billing should also be provided on the UT Request Forms.

Packing and Shipping:
Ensure that both vials are capped tightly. Label each vial appropriately. Place the vials in the pouch. Roll up the pouch and place it in the plastic container. Cap the large transport container tightly and wrap in bubble wrap. Put it in the box along with the requisition form. Seal the front of the box with the “Biological Substance Category B” label. Place the kit into the Fed Ex bag and call for pick up (insert phone number).