Urologic Pathology


Welcome to UTPath Urologic Pathology

The Urologic Pathology Division of UTPath, led by Dr. Gustavo Ayala, provides specialized pathology services with a rapid turnaround time. We believe in establishing relationships with our clients and providing them not only with the most accurate diagnosis but also the latest prognostic tools to help guide the most appropriate therapies. Our clients have immediate access to our expert pathologists through same-day telephone consultation. Online, teleconference review of microscopic findings is available if requested. Reports include photomicrographs, light microscopy, and graphic representation of risk profiles individualized for every patient. Reports can be delivered online, by automatic fax, and by standard mail. The UTPath Urologic Pathology service is dedicated to both diagnostic and service excellence with clear, concise, photographically-illustrated reports and friendly, helpful client services and support personnel.