Overcoming Harvey

Houston is no stranger to flooding rains. In fact, most alumni of McGovern Medical School, when asked if they remember the flood, would answer, “which one?”

But Harvey was different.

$125 billion

in damages


911 calls in the first 15 hours of the storm



132 mph

wind gusts in Port Aransas


FEMA applications

The city is still healing. Structurally. Emotionally.

Due to past remediation efforts, the medical school’s buildings were spared major damage. Ride-out teams protected the school, and executive leadership made the call day after day to keep faculty, staff, and students out of harm’s way.

51.88 in.

of rain – just east of Houston in Chambers County

1 trillion gallons

over 4 days


vehicles destroyed


homes damaged in Harris County


numbers of UTHealth faculty, staff, residents, and students coming to the rescue

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