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New Training Program

Application Process

  • All new training programs (ACGME, TMB, Specialty Board, Societies, etc.) must complete the Request for New Training Program Form. Click here for more details.

How do I get a new training program approved?

  • The first step is to review the application process for new programs The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) must approve all new programs. This is required for all new programs.
  • ACGME programs – the application is initiated by GME once the Request for New Training form has been approved by the GMEC.
  • TMB programs – complete both application Part 1 & Part 2, then send them to Grizelda Cavazos.

How do I add a new training program to New Innovations?

  • GME adds new programs to New Innovations after they have been approved by the accrediting agency, ACGME or Texas Medical Board (TMB).

Program Letter of Agreement (PLA)

What is the purpose of Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs)?

  • The ACGME states, “there must be PLAs between an accredited program and all participating sites to which residents/fellows rotate for required education or assignments. PLAs are not required for participating sites is under the same governance as the program’s Sponsoring Institution”.
  • Required experience/ rotations = 1 month equivalent/ FTE.

Is there a PLA template and where can it be found?

When are PLAs required?

Who should sign a PLA?

  • PLAs must include the signatures of the:
    • Program Director, initiating the agreement,
    • the Site Director and/ or Program Director at the facility, and
    • Designated Institution Official (DIO).
    • Where applicable, Senior Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs.

What is the timeline for getting PLA signed/ executed?

  • Agreements can take a minimum of 60-days to be fully executed dependent on the required signatories (DIO and/ or the VP for Academic  & Faculty Affairs)

When should a PLA be renewed?

  • PLAs are required to be renewed every 10 years.

When should a PLA be updated?

  • PLAs are updated whenever:
    • there are change in program director or
    • participating site director or in
    • resident/fellow assignments.

Where are signed PLAs submitted?

  • The partially signed PLA, by the Program Director, must be submitted to Kristelle Grant Deterville to obtain the DIO signature.
  • The rotation’s Goals & Objectives also need to be included along with the PLA.

Who uploads/updates a signed PLA in NI?

  • PLAs are uploaded/updated in NI by the GME Office.

Complement Increase

How do I submit a complement increase?

  • To officially submit a complement request (permanent or temporary), the program director or program coordinator must log into ADS, from the “Program” tab, click “Complement Change”, enter the required information, and click “Submit Request to DIO”.

Are there other required documents to accompany a complement request?

  • Yes, if you are submitting a permanent complement request, you will also need to submit, to the GME Office, a Permanent Complement Increase Request form. This form must be completed for both ACGME and TMB programs. The form can be submitted to
  • The permanent complement request form can be found on New Innovations Intranet under Resources > _REQUEST FORMS

Participating Site Requests

When is a participating site request required?

  • A participating site request is required when a rotation is required and the length of the rotation is 1 month (4 weeks) or more.

Are participating site requests required to have GMEC approval?

  • Yes, participating site requests, to add or delete a site in ADS, must have GMEC approval prior to the requested site to be added or deleted in ADS from your program’s sites’ list.
  • The request must be submitted to Kristelle Grant Deterville or Grizelda Cavazos for review and the request is then forwarded to the Executive Subcommittee for review and approval. It will then be added to the next month’s GMEC agenda for approval.
  • The participating site request form can be found on New Innovations Intranet under Resources > _REQUEST FORMS

What if the site requested is not on the list of approved sites in ADS?

  • If the approved site is not listed as an approved site in ADS, the GME office will complete the form in ADS to have it added as a participating site. Once the site is approved, then the program can add it to their program’s sites’ list.

ACGME Accreditation Data System (ADS)

How do I get added to the ACGME Accreditation Data System (ADS)?

GME List-serv

How do I get added to the e-mail list for coordinators or program directors, as appropriate for my role?