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UTH Share and Secure Share Cloud Storage

UTH Share: Login - Support | UTH Secure Share: Login - Support

HIPAA/PHI Data Storage on UTH Share

Enable UTH Share for PHI Data Access | Enable UTH Share for Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor (Two-Step) Authentication?

Enrollment Guides: SmartPhone - Tablet - Older Cell Phone - Landline

Enrollment Page | Quick Guide To Logging In

AirWatch Mobile Device Registration: Android - Apple iOS - Blackberry - Windows
Encrypting Internal Emails Without A Digital ID: PDF Instructions
Sharing Documents Securely Using SecureShare: PDF Instructions

Weekly Desktop Updates: Leave Your PCs ON

Our weekly desktop updates are implemented every Wednesday night between 9 PM and 6 AM. Please remember to logout and leave your desktop turned on during Wednesday evenings. If you remain logged in during these times, you may experience brief outages and/or be required to reboot your desktop after the updates are completed. If your computer was turned off during the weekly update, it will be updated when you turn it on next time.