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Abnormal App – A Graymail Filter

The UTHealth Houston IT Department implemented a filtering system called Abnormal, offering a modern solution to tackle nuisance graymail email content.

“Graymail” refers to pesky emails that aren’t quite spam but aren’t important either. They clutter an inbox, cause distractions, and make it harder to find critical messages. This includes newsletters, promotional offers, and notifications from social media platforms. While not outright malicious, graymail can still be a nuisance.

Traditional email filters often struggle with graymail because they can’t discern the subtle nuances that differentiate graymail from a legitimate communication. As a result, graymail often slips through the cracks, causing inbox overload and productivity loss.

The Abnormal platform utilizes behavioral profiling, automated remediation, and self-learning AI to improve filtering accuracy and declutter inboxes, striking the right balance between productivity and security. It keeps inboxes organized, reduces distractions, and ensures that important emails don’t get lost in the noise.

To opt in to this feature, log on to the UTHealth Houston Graymail filter page,  authenticate using UTHealth Houston credentials, and click “Subscribe.” Once activated, email classified as graymail will be automatically filtered out of the inbox and into the junk email folder The same webpage can be used to unsubscribe from the service.

Abnormal is unobtrusive and works in the background. You will begin to notice graymail messages that clogged your inbox will begin to populate in the Junk folder.

After successfully log-in using your UTH Credentials, select ‘Subscribe’ to enroll in the Abnormal Security Graymail service.

The landing page to subscribe to Abnormal Security Graymail

You will then see a confirmation page informing of a successful subscription to Abnormal Security Graymail.

Confirmation Page for successful subscription to Abnormal Security Graymail

You will also receive an email notification of successfully subscribing to the service.

Email Confirmation of successful enrollment into Abnormal  Security Graymail.

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