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Innovation and Research Services

MSIT offers comprehensive Consultation and Project Management expertise to researchers to assist with the implementation of various technologies. MSIT routinely works with other IT departments to efficiently provide solutions to meet research needs.

  • Data management strategies: Retrospective, Real-Time, Prospective
  • Databases: MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Google Cloud
  • Database transfer: Inter-institutional (Data Transfer Agreements, NIH-OTT ), UTHealth Intellectual Property Standards
  • Software development: Multi-tier, APIs, UI/UX, Java/PHP
  • Data types and sources: EHR, imaging, omics, environmental, population health, IoT
  • Data collection and storage: Electronic data capture, survey platforms (Qualtrics, REDCap, Twilio)
  • Clinic: HL7, FHIR
  • Advanced Imaging: Flywheel, Electron Microscopy, DICOM, 3D Printing.
  • High Performance Computing: Servers, Virtual Machines, Cloud, Amazon AWS.
  • IT Security and Privacy: De-identification, Data Risk Assessments, Human Subject Research, IRB
  • Privacy / Regulatory: HIPAA, FERPA, VPAT, 21CFR11, FISMA, NIH dbGaP, Data Use Agreements, Business Associate Agreements, Master Service Agreements

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Application Consultation and Project Management
MSIT offers consultation and project management expertise to departments and researchers to assist with the implementation of various information technologies. Often these projects require complete overview from infrastructure, configuration, management of confidential data. MS IT Security and Compliance Review and efficiently provide solutions to meet research needs.
Electronic Data Capture and Surveys
MSIT can assist teams to evaluate survey and mobile technologies for capturing moderate- and high-risk research data directly from research subjects, research workflow, and end-point devices. Learn more about the UTHealth standards: Qualtrics, REDCap, and Twilio.
UTHealth (SBMI) REDCap
The REDCap platform at UTHealth is a flexible architecture that can support custom module development available.
UTHealth experts at the schools of Bioinformatics and School of Public Health developed hundreds of custom modules that support a variety of project specific features. In most cases, we can whip up a custom module in matter of days to give your studies unprecedented power.
IT Security
Implementing thorough information technology security is perhaps the most important part of a successful research project. MSIT routinely works with UTHealth’s IT Security department to help guide researchers through IT security policies and procedures.
MSIT can help guide the IT aspect of your research project to ensure compliance with the following regulatory mandates: HIPAA, FERPA, VPAT, 21CFR11, FISMA, NIH dbGaP
Data Transfer
MSIT can facilitate the movement of research data to and from our data center in an institutionally compliant manner.
Research Software Implementation
MSIT can assist researchers in the acquisition, implementation and delivery of various research software. This ensures that research software solutions are institutionally compliant.
Custom Software Development
The Programming Services team specializes in developing Web applications and integrating local and external systems.  They partner with IT Security, Identity Management, University Web Services, and Data Center Operations to ensure that what they develop is engineered to be HIPAA compliant and conforms to university policy.  Programming Services can facilitate research in many ways, including gathering, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data.
Do you have a vision or idea to improve a process or study application of a technology to a new area of care? Contact us to see how to best implement these technologies in a meaningful way.

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