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Qualtrics FAQ Page

Qualtrics Is Now Available To UTHealth users

Qualtrics is web based software that allows the user to create surveys and generate reports without having any previous programming knowledge.

UTHealth has purchased a University Wide License for all 6 Schools at the Texas Medical Center
(Medical School, Grad School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Public Health and School of Biomedical Informatics).  This license includes:

  • Unlimited accounts for faculty, staff, and students within department
  • Unlimited surveys and responses
  • Unlimited web training sessions
  • 6 custom branded survey template to match color scheme and logo of school
  • Custom URL
  • Data encryption

The license is just for the Research Suite only with no upgrades.  So if an upgrade (additional feature) is desired, it will have to be paid for separately by the individual school.  Please note that the upgrades are only available to the individual school that paid for them. If you would like to discuss Qualtrics, please contact the UXS Innovations Team here:

FAQs About Qualtrics

  • Why use Qualtrics?
    Qualtrics enables you to do surveys, feedback and polls using a variety of distribution means. Results can be viewed in reports and can be downloaded. Qualtrics allows you to share surveys and results as well as collaborating with other users.
  • What can I use Qualtrics for?
    As an aid to research, use Qualtrics to create surveys, reports on results from surveys, create polls.
  • Is Qualtrics secure?
    Yes, Qualtrics is secure. An UTHealth email account is needed to log in.
  • Can anyone access my data?
    Only people that you have shared/collaborated with will be able to view your data.
  • Where are the surveys and their results stored?
    The surveys, polls, results and reports are stored on Qualtrics secure servers.
  • Does Qualtrics run on a Mac?
    Qualtrics can be used on either a Windows PC or a Mac.
  • Is there a preferred browser?
    No. Qualtrics can be used with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Qualtrics Accounts

  • Who can use Qualtrics?
    Faculty, staff and students using their UTHealth email account and password created earlier.
  • How do I get an account?
    Where do I log in? From browser, navigate to  Log in using your UTHealth credential (username and password).  It is a great idea to bookmark this location.
  • Can I access my surveys/results off-campus?
    Yes, wherever you have internet access you can access Qualtrics. But, you will still need to use the UTHealth log-in.


  • How do I get help?
    From browser, navigate to Qualtrics offers a very extensive online training. If you need additional help, please submit an MSIT help desk ticket.
  • Can I get training?
    A variety of training is available online from Qualtrics. This includes training by topic and live online training (webinars). From browser, navigate to
  • How do people know/take my survey?
    You decide the method through the distribution process. This can be email, link embedded on a web page, link using a social network (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).
  • Can anyone see my survey?
    It depends upon how you published your survey.
  • Can I create a template?
    Yes, create a survey, assign a name that it is recognized as your template (and not an actual survey) and remember not to distribute it.
  • Can I copy other surveys to create a new survey?
    Yes. You can copy entire survey or just a question. You can copy from any survey you have saved, that has been shared with you from another user or from the library.
  • Can I download my surveys or save them locally?
    Yes, export as a .qsf file for a backup copy.
  • When creating a survey, what does display logic refer to?
    Basically, it is the order or if questions are asked. Display logic is too involved to answer here. From your browser, navigate to, select Question Options/display logic.


  • What happens to my results?
    Results are shown in an Initial Report. Very basic, reports number of responses, percentages and basic statistics.
  • Can I share my results?
    Yes. You decide on who has access to your raw data or you can make a report public.
  • Can I download my results?
    Yes. It can be downloaded as .csv, SPSS, xml or html.

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