Picture of McGovern Medical School Lecture Hall MSB 3.001

The mission of the Conference Operations department at McGovern Medical School is to provide space with advanced audio visual equipment in our building to promote higher education opportunities for lectures to medical students, health science professionals, and staff.

Our vision is innovation and customer service above all in the pursuit to provide opportunities through advanced audio visual equipment using the most current technologies available for greater teaching opportunities to enhance our quest for excellence in education, research, and clinical service.

Support for Events


  • Audio Visual
    • Audio Setup
    • Audio Record
    • Audio Edits
    • Projection
    • AV Support
    • PA Setup
    • Conf. Call
  • Event Request
  • Central Interactive Video Services
  • MS IT

Equipment & Resources


MMS publicly used spaces have returned to an open status with limited capacity for social distancing.  Please see COVID-19 Guidelines for details on each room.  Returning to Campus Guidelines

Departments may be charged up to $250 per instance for sponsored events not following COVID-19 guidelines.

Guidelines for Publicly Used Spaces:

Practice Social Distancing
Do Not Congregate
Please stay at least 6 feet from Others
Please Wear a Mask
Protect Each Other
Frequently Wash Your Hands
Use Hand Sanitizer Before/After Touching Surfaces
Stay Informed & Help Save Lives

Social Distancing:

UTHealth continues to encourage all meetings to take place offsite via videoconferencing. If a meeting needs to be held in-room, all masking and social distancing measures must be followed and monitored. The meeting leader is required to monitor seating to ensure that safety measures are adhered to and that no one is sitting closer than 6 feet to another person, front/back/side to side.