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Please select the appropriate Login option above for either Internal User with LDAP login credentials or External Guest User.  Follow all directions and completely fill in all information requested.  Internal Users can access Solicitation Form after logging in via the UTHealth Internal User Login Page (same log in as UT email).

All solicitation requests to use UTHealth facilities must be made at least two weeks in advance.  When you submit the solicitation request form, you will receive an email notification that your request has been submitted.  Your request will then be reviewed by UTHealth’s Special Building Usage Approval Team.  Once your request has been approved with or without fees applied, it will be forwarded to the appropriate building scheduler for final approval on your event request. 

  The above statements apply to both Internal and External Users.

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(Please send all inquiries about this site to Conference Operations at ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu or call 713-500-5048.)

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Event Scheduling:

UTHealth Resource Scheduler, Astra Cloud scheduling tool allows a Scheduler to enter the event criteria, add meetings to the event and, when needed, identify rooms and resources for meetings.  Room and resource information maintained in the database allow the scheduler to effectively select the appropriate resources for their event.  Additionally, customer information is maintained and accessible through the tool. 

Options for scheduling exist to provide Schedulers with the ability to select the method best suited to their needs whether they chose Advance Event Form or Quick Event. 

UTHealth Resource Scheduler, Astra Cloud includes support for event notification, event request and resource request messaging via email.   The event notification email message includes an event summary with meeting details.  This message is used as a confirmation to a customer and as a general notification to identified contacts.

MMS Announcements including SRB (IMM):

Thank you to Everyone for your patience, your support and working with our team during the CoVID19 crisis. We appreciate each of you. Please know that we are continuing to monitor the University’s
updates to stay current with policies and procedures. 
Departments may be charged up to $250 per instance for sponsored events not following room use and policy guidelines as shown on Policy & Procedures page.
Please Wash Your Hands Frequently
Use Hand Sanitizer Before/After Touching Surfaces in Public Areas
Not Fully Vaccinated? Please Wear a Mask & Practice Social Distancing
Stay Informed & Help Save Lives
Conference Operations encourages all meetings to continue to offer attendees virtual access to their events via WebEx whenever possible.
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