Our Team

Valerie Buchanan

Valerie A. Buchanan

Senior Manager, IV/AV and Conference Services

“I love spending time with my family, traveling and photography. Taking photos of grandchildren, pets, nature and historical buildings are among my favorite relaxing moments.”

“I bring decades of experience to provide great leadership to our amazing team. Watching our team grow each year has been the greatest joy of my career. Each one has brought their own ideas and skills to enable us to provide the best services to our customers, McGovern Medical School, and UTHealth at Houston.”

Amity Browning

Amity Browning

AV / IV & Conference Services Coordinator

“I enjoy spending time with my husband and dogs.”

“I assist the department as the MMS Event Administrator managing Special Events.”

Cory Welch

Cory Welch

Systems & Applications Specialist II

“I enjoy spending time with family and doing home remodeling projects.”

“I provide support to customers when technology is not operating by design. I also assist with the design and implementation of new equipment for MMS lecture halls, classrooms, and conference rooms.”

Bill Severson

William (Bill) Severson

Systems & Applications Specialist II

“A favorite thing I love to do is traveling in the Eastern US.”

“I provide excellent lecture recording services for student lectures, staff, and more. I work along with my manager as administrator on website and Astra Cloud.”

Renee Rodriguez

Renee Rodriguez

Systems & Applications Specialist I

“I’m a geocaching tea enthusiast.”

“Service skills I provide at work include troubleshooting when failure occurs and collaborating with customers to find the best set up for their events.”

James Bales

James (Anthony) Bales

Systems & Applications Specialist I

“I enjoy listening to, sharing, and talking about all different kinds of music.”

“One service skill I provide at work is direct interactive video support.”

Brisa Soriano

Brisa (Bree) Soriano

Audio-Visual Equipment Technician II

“One thing I enjoy in life is art. The process of creating art and appreciating the work of others brings me great joy. ‘Art is an experience, not an object’.”

“I work collaboratively with colleagues on projects, events, and initiatives that benefit the university community.”

Gregory (Greg) Dorsey
Senior Job Coordinator
(Office of Administration)

Trevor Taylor, MS1 Student Assistant

Benjamin (Ben) Eappen, MS1 Student Assistant

Madeline (Maddie) Cotton, MS2 Student Assistant

Emily Peel, MS2 Student Assistant

Matthew Gonzalez, MS2 Student Assistant