Rates & Fees

McGovern Medical School publicly shared space is available for use upon advance reservation and subject to availability as confirmed by Conference Operations.

Discounted UTHealth Rates apply for any UTHealth faculty member, employee, student, university-registered or university-recognized organization.  Guest Rates apply to events which are organized by or involve a non-UTHealth entity.

In accordance to HOOP Policy 11 – Use of University Facilities and HOOP Policy 211 – Special Use Facilities, events held on UTHealth properties are subject to various fees including but not limited to Housekeeping, Tech Support, Security, TULIP Insurance, etc.  Invoices are created and include an Administrative Fee as outlined below.

With your event details, Auxiliary Enterprises will calculate fees for your particular event.  Please note that all reservations for space, equipment, supplies and services are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Since multiple events may take place at the McGovern Medical School and across UTHealth campuses simultaneously, no item or service can be guaranteed without advance reservation.

Room Usage Rates

Tables and Chairs  Fees

Poster Board Setup Rates

AV (Audio Visual) and/or IV (Interactive Video) Technical Support Rates

Housekeeping and Security Services Rates

TULIP Insurance Rates

Special Use Facilities & Other Locations’ Fees