Tables, Chairs & Poster Board Requests

Table/Chair/Poster Board Setup Rates:

Request for table, chair and/or poster boards¬†need to be made at¬†least two weeks prior to the event date to enable time to schedule setup crew. ¬†Fees may be attached to events requiring furniture setups.¬†¬†¬† No fees will apply to the ‚ÄėNormal Setup‚Äô options unless furniture is moved without permission and needs to be returned to the ‚ÄėNormal Setup‚Äô arrangement. ¬†Events requiring special setups or the use of poster boards do require the use of a vendor to provide these services. ¬† With prior approval from Conference Operations, some setups may be managed by the event coordinator in lieu of fees. ¬†GCA Services has provided the lowest pricing for setup rates. ¬† Below is a¬†list of setup options. ¬†Click on each setup title to view a diagram and GCA Services‚Äô¬†fees to select your choice. ¬†Include the setup selection in your Room Reservation request(s).


Reserve Poster Boards (24 double-sided on wheels) for your MS events!¬†¬† Fees may be applied pending number of poster boards needed and location of event. Please send the total number of poster boards requested¬†to¬† no later than two weeks prior to the event. ¬†McGovern Medical School offers 24 ‚Äď 4‚Äôx6‚Äô double-sided poster boards on wheels.

Last modified: July 17, 2017