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Event & Resource Services

Poster Boards, Solicitation, After hour/weekend Events, plus more!


Thank you to Everyone for your patience, your support and working with our team during the CoVID19 crisis. We appreciate each of you. Please know that we are continuing to monitor the University’s
updates to stay current with policies and procedures. 

Departments may be charged up to $250 per instance for sponsored events not following room use and policy guidelines as shown on Policy & Procedures page.

Please Wash Your Hands Frequently
Use Hand Sanitizer Before/After Touching Surfaces in Public Areas
Not Fully Vaccinated? Please Wear a Mask & Practice Social Distancing
Stay Informed & Help Save Lives

Conference Operations encourages all meetings to continue to offer attendees virtual access to their events via WebEx whenever possible.

Poster Boards

Reserve Poster Boards (24 double-sided on wheels) for your MS events!   Fees may be applied pending number of poster boards needed and location of event. Please send the total number of poster boards needed to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu no later than two weeks prior to the event.


If a reservation needs to be changed, cancelled or rescheduled, please send all of the details outlining the new request to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu.  One of our schedulers will assist you within two business days.  For changes, cancellations or reschedules needing immediate attention, in addition to sending details to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu, contact a scheduler directly.  If no one can be reached, call the Conference Operations’ Manager, Valerie Buchanan at 281-787-0219.  Leave your name and phone number where you can reached and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Approval of Solicitation Form by Auxiliary Enterprises:  Solicitation Form – Access Event Request Form

  • Approval needed from AE for:

Non-UT personnel are invited to attend or host an event.
Vendors present, even in a non-official capacity.
Events taking place after normal business hours.
Events charging attendees a fee or asking for a donation to attend.
Fundraisers such as a bake sale, silent auction, etc.

  • If any of the above applies to the event/meeting that needs to be scheduled, Conference Operations will place a hold (Tentative) status on the room request until the approval or denial is received. The form must be submitted two weeks before the occurrence of the event.

Conference Operations’ Food Policies:  https://med.uth.edu/cops/policy-procedures

Catering:  UTHealth HUB vendors are preferred. Please refer to our food policies on approved types of food for the different locations Conference Operations manages.

Table/chair Requests:  Furniture in the Leather Lounge does not require removal to add up to 10 tables.  For larger events, GCA or Next Level will need to be hired to remove and replace existing furniture in the Leather Lounge.  Administrative permission will also be required before moving Leather Lounge furniture.  Vendors are welcome to bring in their own tables.  Conference Operations does not provide tablecloths. Customers will need to provide their own. To request the number of tables needed, please submit a Job Request at least two business days prior to the occurrence:  https://apps.uth.edu/conferenceops

Gallery setup:  View available Setups. Failure to return the Gallery to a Normal Setup at the conclusion of an event will incur charges for Conference Operations to return to a Normal Setup.

Alcohol Served at Event:  Complete the Alcohol Permission Form, notify UTPD and notify Conference Operations that alcohol will be served at the event.

AV Emergency Requests: If issues arise with Audio Visual equipment and assistance is needed, please call our main office line at 713-500-5048 or contact Valerie Buchanan, Manager – Conference Operations, at 281-787-0219.  Describe the issue briefly and state the building with room number where the issue has occurred.

Additional AV Equipment:  If needed, additional AV equipment (i.e. – extra microphones for a panel discussion, etc.) can be checked out from the Conference Operations window located at MSB 2.028.  If the additional AV equipment need is known ahead of time, please send a written request at least two business days before the event to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu.

Housekeeping:  Any event or meeting that has food present will need to schedule housekeeping by sending a detailed email to Fixit@uth.tmc.edu including date of the event, location of event and ending time of the event to request tables to be cleaned, trash removed and carpets vacuumed as needed.  Include time in your room reservation for housekeeping to complete the cleanup to have the room ready for the next event/meeting.  Weekend events, whether food is provided or not, require Housekeeping to be scheduled to ensure the room(s) used, as well as public areas (i.e. – bathrooms, foyers, etc.) are cleared of any and all trash and ready to go for the start of normal business hours.   Customers will need to contact housekeeping directly to schedule services and fees may apply.   Extra Trashcans can also be requested through Fix-It.  (See Rates & Fees for more information.)

Air/Heat:  If the air in the room needs to be cooler or warmer during the event, please call Fix-It at 713-500-3498 during regular business hours.

Unlock a room:  If a room is locked upon arrival, please call MS Security at 713-500-5895.

Weekend and After Regular Business Hours – Events

MS Security:  Please notify MS Security at least one week before the event.  Print the Event Confirmation and turn in at the MS guard’s desk in the Leather Lounge area on the ground floor.  Please have them lock up the room at the completion of the event.  For Non-UTHealth approved events, please contact Sgt. Darnell Bratton with UTPD to notify them of the event taking place including details of outside attendees who will need access to the room(s) and building outside of normal business hours.   Include notification to UTPD if alcohol will be served at the event.   UTPD will determine if extra Security is needed. Link to UTPD Special Events Form

MS Security will need to be notified at least two weeks prior to the event by turning in a copy of the confirmation email from Conference Operations (and UTPD notification for non-UTHealth events) to the guard’s desk located in the Leather Lounge on the ground floor of the MSB.  Please include additional details such as alcohol permission form, vendor names and their expected time of arrival and what time the room(s) will need to be unlocked/locked before and after the event.  If a reserved room is locked at the time of your scheduled event, contact MS Security at 713-500-5895.

Gallery setup:  Please submit a Job Request at least one week before the occurrence of the event: https://apps.uth.edu/conferenceops. Please schedule audio visual training session for the Gallery to use the equipment.  This will ensure that the AV equipment is used and turned off appropriately.

Housekeeping:  Any event or meeting that has food present will need to schedule housekeeping by sending a detailed email to Fixit@uth.tmc.edu including date of the event, location of event and ending time of the event to request tables to be cleaned, trash removed and carpets vacuumed as needed.  Fees may be charged for after hour and/or weekend housekeeping requests.  Include time in your room reservation for housekeeping to complete the cleanup to have the room ready for the next event/meeting.  Extra Trashcans can also be requested through Fix-It.

AV Technical Support:  AV Technical Support is available until 6:00pm, Monday thru Friday during UTHealth regular business days to assist with the AV equipment in the room.  All requests for Technical Support must be in writing and confirmed at least one week prior to the event to check for technical support availability.  Fees may be charged for after hour and/or weekend technical support requests.

Air/Heat After Hours:  Request air/heat for after hour and weekend events by emailing details of request to Fixit@uth.tmc.edu at least two weeks prior to event.

Parking Inquiries:

Texas Medical Center or Auxiliary Enterprises for non-UT attendees.

TMC Website:  www.tmc.edu/parking/

Auxiliary Enterprises: http://www.uth.edu/parking/index.htm
Parking Validations purchased by Internal and External Guests:

  • UT Garage(s) – (Example: UTP Parking Garage) Validations can be ordered from the UCT parking office (call 713-500-3405). Validations can be paid for with cash or a credit card (external), or a chart field (internal).
  • Douglas Bowerman – 832-325-7655 (UTPB Parking Garage).
  • TMC Garage(s) – (Examples: Garage 7, 4, and 3) Please contact TMC at 713-791-6161.

Central Interactive Video Services

Requests must be made at least one week prior. Services offered at no charge for UT Health Faculty, staff and students.

Departmental group email: video@uth.tmc.edu

IVS Services Offered Include:

  • Multiparty teleconferencing – Set-up of a teleconference that requires more than 3 participants in a scheduled teleconference. Less than 4 telephone connections can be connected using a standard UT Health desk telephone.
  • Webcasting – Offered to UT Health personnel requesting Video Webcast / Video Capture for V.I.P. and larger events, classes, and Medical School Grand Rounds to be accessed by means of the UT Health Video on Demand website (departmental approval required).  Video webcast/capture location is dependent on estimated number of attendees (in event location). Webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet. Webcasts may be presented “live” or “on demand”. Higher & lower webcast resolution options are available.  Please inquire about available broadcast locations and webcast options. There is currently no fee for this service.
  • Videoconferencing – Offered to UT Health personnel requiring Video conferencing for meetings, seminars, classes; to be accessed by means of specific UT Health established locations and institutions collaborating with members of the UT Health system (departmental approval required).  Location dependent on estimated number of attendees (in requester‘s meeting location). Videoconferencing (also known as a video teleconferencing) is a set of interactive video communication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. Computer screen sharing and additional telephone connectivity are also options upon request. Please inquire about available videoconferencing locations and video conference options. There is currently no fee for this service.