Tables, Chairs & Posterboard Policies

Table and Chair Requests

Request for tables and/or chairs will need to be made at least two weeks prior to the event date to enable time to schedule setup crew.  Fees may be attached to events requiring furniture setups. No fees will apply to the NORMAL setup options unless furniture is moved without permission and needs to be returned to the NORMAL setup arrangement.  With prior approval from Conference Operations, some setups may be managed by the event coordinator in lieu of fees.  If the customer does not follow setup policies and procedures, the department may be charged up to $500 in setup/teardown fees when Conference Operations’ staff are used to complete the setup/teardown.

Furniture in the Leather Lounge does not require removal to add up to 10 tables.  For larger events, GDI Services will need to be hired to remove and replace existing furniture in the Leather Lounge.  Administrative permission will also be required before moving Leather Lounge furniture.  Vendors are welcome to bring in their own tables.  Conference Operations does not provide tablecloths. Customers will need to provide their own.

To request the number of tables needed, please email for requesting greater than 5 tables and/or 10 chairs.  Otherwise, submit an Admin Job Request at least two business days prior to the occurrence.

MMS – Admin Job Requests Form

Use the Admin Job Requests Form to schedule assistance from Greg Dorsey including small scale table/chair setups up to a maximum of 5 tables and 10 chairs.


Request for poster boards will need to be made at least two weeks prior to the event date to enable time to schedule setup crew.

McGovern Medical School offers 24 – 4’x6’ double-sided poster boards on wheels. Please send the total number of poster boards to be reserved to no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Events requiring special setups or the use of poster boards do require the use of a vendor to provide these services. UTHealth Housekeeping Services provides the lowest pricing for setup rates.

All Poster Board reservations are subject to cancellation if MMS student events are scheduled.  Non-student event groups with prior reservations will be notified immediately from Conference Operations.