Other Locations’ Rates & Fee Information

In accordance to HOOP Policy 11 – Use of University Facilities and HOOP Policy 211 – Special Use Facilities, events held on UTHealth properties are subject to various fees including but not limited to Housekeeping, Tech Support, Security, TULIP Insurance, etc… ¬†Invoices are created and include an Administrative Fee as follows:

An Administrative Fee will be applied to each invoice as follows:

Invoice Total                        Admin Fee
Up to $75.00                       =   $10.00
$75.01 to $200.00               =   $25.00
$200.01 to $1,000.00          =   $50.00
Over $1,000.00                   =   $100.00

UTHealth institutions’ current Room Usage Fee documents are listed below. ¬†To obtain rates for rooms not listed here, contact Auxiliary Enterprises at 713.500.8400.

CLC (Cooley Life Center):

CLC 2015/2016 Room Fees


IMM 2015/2016 Room Fees

SPH (School of Public Health – RAS – Reuel Stallones Building):

SPH 2015/2016 Room Fees

SOD (School of Dentistry):

SOD 2015/2016 Room Fees

SON (School of Nursing):

SON 2015/2016 Room Fees

Last modified: January 20, 2016