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Other Locations’ Rates & Fee Information

In accordance to HOOP Policy 11 – Use of University Facilities and HOOP Policy 211 – Special Use Facilities, events held on UTHealth properties are subject to various fees including but not limited to Housekeeping, Tech Support, Security, TULIP Insurance, etc…  Invoices are created and include an Administrative Fee as follows:

An Administrative Fee will be applied to each invoice as follows:

Invoice Total                        Admin Fee
Up to $75.00                       =   $10.00
$75.01 to $200.00               =   $25.00
$200.01 to $1,000.00          =   $50.00
Over $1,000.00                   =   $100.00

UTHealth institutions’ current Room Usage Fee documents are listed below.  To obtain rates for rooms not listed here, contact Auxiliary Enterprises at 713.500.8400.

CLC (Cooley Life Center):

CLC 2015/2016 Room Fees


IMM 2015/2016 Room Fees

SPH (School of Public Health – RAS – Reuel Stallones Building):

SPH 2015/2016 Room Fees

SOD (School of Dentistry):

SOD 2015/2016 Room Fees

SON (School of Nursing):

SON 2015/2016 Room Fees