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Purchase or Lease IT Equipment

Computer Leasing

The University of Texas Medical School at Houston has a rolling computer leasing program. Desktops are leased on a continuing 4 year cycle, while laptops are leased on a continuing 3 year cycle.

All desktop and laptop computers to be newly acquired must be leased from the Medical School’s Computer Leasing program except for those that fall under the Purchase options (see below). The leasing program includes options for PCs and Macs with varying levels of system capabilities, and customized models can be leased as well.

Computer Purchasing

Computers are purchased with approval by the Medical School Office of Information Technology (MSIT) in the following cases:

  1. When the computer is to be funded from an active research grant, especially one that prohibits computer leasing. (Note that start-up funds are NOT considered grants.)
  2. When the computer is to be used for dedicated research or specialized, task-oriented purposes.
  3. When the computer is to be funded using LERR funds.

If a computer is to be put to innovative use consistent with the scholarly missions of the university, it may be considered for purchase on a case by case basis. (See also: Criteria for Identification of Research and Specialized Computers).

Purchased computers must also be replaced on a four-year cycle unless explicitly approved by MSIT to be excluded from this cycle.

Apple iPads

Apple iPads are supported by MSIT and can be purchased using certain University funds. Review the current IT policies on iPads and other Portable Devices and contact your LAN Manager for details.


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