NI Tools

NI Tools Application –

What is NI Tools?

NI Tools is a UT application built to help GME facilitate requests related to New Innovations. In NI Tools you can request the following for New Innovations:

  • Request New PersonnelFaculty, Program Administrators, Nurses
  • Rotation RequestIncludes billing components
  • Assignment/Continuity Clinic RequestIncludes billing components
  • Prior Month Rotation/Bill To Change Requestfor changes to a specific scheduled rotation to a different rotation or to change the billing.
  • Chartfield String (CFS) Request to add or archive a CFS in New Innovations

A “HOW TO” Guide for all NI Tools Requests can be found in the New Innovations Intranet.

How long does it take for a NI Tools request to be processed?

As there are many steps to these requests, GME intends to complete them within a week. The only exception to this is during the last week of the month when we are processing billing. All requests will be processed after the new month starts and billing is finalized.

Add New Personnel

How do I add new personnel (faculty or staff member) to New Innovations?

This is a two step process.

  1. Enter the individual to New Innovations (Personnel=>Add New Person).
    • Do note the following information to be included:
      • FACULTY: Institution email, DOB and NPI number
      • STAFF: Institution email and DOB
  2. Complete the NI Tools form for adding new personnel. This step gives additional information to activate the individual in New Innovations.

Add Rotation or Assignment

What is the difference between a rotation and assignment in New Innovations?

  • All residents/fellows must be scheduled on a rotation for all days of every month. The rotation is based on where the resident training is for the specific time period. The configuration includes billing components. Rotations can be shared between departments/programs and billing can be overridden.
  • Assignments indicate short periods of time (half days or full days) during a rotation that the resident/fellow is on another service assignment. Assignments also include billing components. When a resident/fellow is put on an assignment the rotation billing is overridden by the assignment billing. Assignments are program specific and cannot be shared between departments/programs . Billing cannot be overridden. Sick and vacation time are also entered as an assignment.

How do I add a rotation or assignment to New Innovations?

  • Per request, the GME adds rotations and assignments to New Innovations. Requests are submitted via the NI Tools application.