TMB – New Application

TMB New Applications: Prior to preparing an application for a new TMB Program, please contact either the DIO or the GME Director.

In applying for a new TMB Program, there are several things to keep in mind.

  1. The process for applying for a new TMB Program requires the completion of a two-part application. The forms must be submitted both electronically and in hard copy to  The appropriate forms are:
    • TMB Fellowship Application Part One
    • TMB Fellowship Application Part Two
  2. The TMB requires a minimum of 3 months to review and approve an application.
  3. The UTHealth GME Office requires sufficient time to review the TMB application materials. The deadline for submitting a TMB application to the GME Office is at least six months before the expected start date of the fellowship.
  4. An application fee of $250 is required by the TMB. Do not submit the check with your application. You will receive instructions on this after the GME Office has reviewed the application.

The Application Form can be found in the New Innovations Intranet under Resources > _REQUEST FORMS.