TMB – Renewal Application

TMB Renewal Applications: TMB approved fellowships must reapply to the TMB every five (5) years.

In applying for a renewal of a TMB Program, there are several things to keep in mind.

  1. The TMB requires a minimum of 3 months to review and approve an application.
  2. The UTHealth GME Office requires sufficient time to review the TMB application materials.
    • The deadline for submitting a TMB application to the GME Office is at least six (6) months before the renewal date.
  3. An application fee of $250 is required by the TMB.
    • Do not submit the check with your application. Instructions will be received from the GME Office after the application has been reviewed.
  4. The process for renewing a TMB Program requires the completion of a two-part application. The appropriate forms are:
    • TMB Renewal Application – Part One
    • TMB Renewal Application – Part Two

The Application Form can be found in the New Innovations Intranet under Resources > _REQUEST FORMS. The forms must be submitted electronically to