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A stand-alone, microplate reader that offers a wide-range of biochemical and cell-based applications that can be applied to high-throughput studies. The Flexstation-3 is configured to use either 96- or 384-well plates (easily reconfigured for your intended use).

The Flexstation-3 supports a range of assay options that include:

  • Fast kinetic calcium mobilization assays
  • Membrane potential assays
  • ELISAs
  • DNA/RNA quantification
  • Protein Assays
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Protease assays
  • Fluorescent protein and FRET analysis
  • Cell viability and cytotoxicity assays
  • Reporter gene assays
  • Cell migration assays
  • Fatty acid update assays
  • Neurotransmitter uptake assays
  • ADME-Tox
  • Membrane permeability
  • Phosphotase/Kinase assays

Detection module of the system allows performing:

  • UV-Vis absorbance. Wavelength range: 200-1000 nm
  • Fluorescence intensity. Wavelength range: 250-850 nm
  • Fluorescence polarization. Wavelength range: 400-750 nm
  • Luminescence. Dedicated PMT
  • Time-resolved fluorescence. Dual monochromators and Dual PMTs

This equipment is located in MSB 4.536B.

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