Name/Email Title Telephone
Rahmat Adejumo, M.B.B.S., M.P.H. Instructor in Pediatrics, Neurology 713.500.7164
Elizabeth A. Aguilera, M.D., CCRP Research Coordinator I, Infectious Diseases 713.500.5522
William R. Allen, MD, FAAP, CPE, CPHQ Staff Physician, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.5670
Alexandra Ashmore, RN Nurse, CARE Clinic, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7841
Geraldine Avila, LMSW Social Worker, SEEKS Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7771
Rebecca Baddock Administrative Manager, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.6064
Kimmie Bayliss, MEd Certified Child Life Specialist, PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7844
Cynthia S. Bell, MS Senior Statistician, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.5640
Kelly Bolton, BSN Program Coordinator, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.5129
Patrice Bonner Senior Administrative Coordinator, PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.486.7856
Lisa Caballero Clinic Coordinator, Neurology 713.500.6477
Madeline Cantini Senior Research Nurse, Hematology 713.500.8377
Delia Carrera Senior Administrative Coordinator, Neonatology
Cynthia Carter, LCSW Clinician, PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.486.7856
Maria Castillo Genetics Medical Assistant, Medical Genetics 713.500.5875
Ruby D. Cerda, RN Staff Nurse, Nephrology & Hypertension 832.325.7158
Albita Chaires, MA Medical Assistant III, Nephrology & Hypertension 832.325.7158
Harold Conard Systems Application Specialist I, Central Administration IT 713.500.5513
Daisy I. Cortes Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Center Medical Assistant, Medical Genetics 713.500.6367
Sreejeta Dasgupta, MS Research Coordinator I, Neurology 713.500.7164
Maria Davila Senior Support Specialist/Credentialing Coordinator, Community & General Pediatrics 713.500.5666
Gabriela Del Bianco, M.D. Adjunct Instructor, Infectious Diseases 713.500.5806
Dhiren Desai Administrative Director, CCR, Center for Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine 713.500.7954
M. Lettye Dismukes Research Assistant, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.5113
Barbara Dominguez, B.S.N. Medical Genetics Clinical Nurse Specialist, Medical Genetics 713.500.5760
Sonia A. Estrada Administrative Manager, Human Resources, Central Administration 713.500.5478
Nicole Y. Fatheree, BBA Research Coordinator II, Gastroenterology 713.500.5669
Keshia Foxworth, LMSW Social Work Supervisor, Ryan White Case Management Services 713.500.6443
Anthony L. Garcia, MBA Director of Management Operations, Central Administration 713.500.5706
Lourdes Gomez Senior Executive Assistant/Division Assistant/Medical Staff Coordinator, Community & General Pediatrics 713.500.6645
Christine Gonzaga Data Management Analyst, Hematology 713.500.8366
Donna Grayson  Sr. Grants and Contracts Specialist, Central Administration, Grants 713.500.5513
Curtis Griffin, MBA Senior Administrative Manager 713.500.5585
Stephanie Gustafson Pharmacist, Hematology 713.500.8385
Mónica Guzmán-Limón, MD Fellow, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.5670
Donna J. Hall, RN Research Nurse, Neonatology 713.500.5734
Katie Hearne, MPH, RDN, LD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nephrology & Hypertension 832.325.7258
Sean A. Hebert, MD Fellow, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.5670
Debbie Hernandez Certified Clerkship Administrator/Coordinator II, Educational Programs, Community & General Pediatrics 713.500.5813
Joan Hernandez-McClain, MPH Assistant Director, Management & Operations
Sara Hughes, RN, BSN Nurse-Coordinator, Gastroenterology 832.325.6516, Option 1
Shirley Itile Staff Assistant, Medical Genetics 713-500-6044
Janice L. John, PNP High Risk Follow-up Clinic Nurse Practitioner, Neonatology
Brianna Jones, LVN Staff Nurse, Nephrology & Hypertension 832.325.7158
Emma Jones, LMSW Clinician, PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.486.7845
Norma D. Leal Senior Administrative Coordinator, Pulmonary Fellowship Coordinator, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Coordinator Pulmonary | Allergy | Immunology | Rheumatology 713.500.5650
Margaret Lee Pharmacist, Hematology 713.500.8397
Edith Lomas Medical Assistant, Medical Genetics 713.500.6388
Daniella Lopez, LMSW Social Worker, SEEKS Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7772
Tracy Maclin Senior Administrative Coordinator, Pediatric Research Center 713.500.7359
Nicole Maples, LCSW Social Work Supervisor, PATH Program Manager, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.6147
Karen M. Martin, RN Research Nurse, Neonatology 713.500.5734
Kimberly Martinez Medical Assistant 832.325.6516, Option 1
Linda Matthews Fellowship Coordinator, Cardiology 713.500.5738
Riza V. Mauricio, PhD, APRN, FCCM Assistant Professor, Critical Care Medicine 713.500.5553
Kim Maxcey, MBA Fellowship Coordinator 713.500.5730
Georgia E. McDavid, RN Research Nurse Manager, Neonatology 713.500.5734
Monica McGuire, RN Nurse, PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.486.7849
LaKeesha Minor, RN Staff Nurse III, Neurology 713.500.7164
Greg Moreau Administrative Coordinator, Pediatric Hospital Medicine 713.500.5586
Marissa Moschetta, LMSW Social Worker, SEEKS Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7773
Rachel Murphy, RD, LD Dietician, Gastroenterology 832.325.7165
Jacob Musule, LVN LVN II, Gastroenterology 832.325.6516, Option 1
Kyle Nguyen Financial Analyst, Accounting & Billing, Central Administration 713.500.6430
Donna Oldfield Physical Therapist, Hematology 713.500.8365
Suzanne J. Paramore Senior Administrative Manager, Divisions of Adolescent Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, and Medical Genetics 713.500.7350
Valarie Price Grants and Contracts Specialist 713.500.6373
Olivia Pudlo, LMSW, TF-CBT Clinician, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.6081
Aurora Ramirez Administrative Coordinator, Endocrinology 713.500.5646
Susan Ramos Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Fellowship Coordinator, Gastroenterology 713.500.5663
Sarah Riosa Research Assistant II, Medical Genetics 713.500.5769
Joan Roberson, RN Research Nurse, SHIP AHOY Study, Nephrology & Hypertension 713.500.7353
Paige Roberts, RD/LD Metabolic Dietitian, Medical Genetics 713.500.5906
Gilhen Rodriguez, M.D. Senior Research Assistant, Clinic Care Coordinator, Infectious Diseases 713.500.6599
Esmeralda E. Rodriguez Senior Support Assistant, Adolescent Medicine 713.500.5714
Elida L. Salazar Research Coordinator, Medical Genetics 713.500.5766
Stephanie Salinas, LMSW Senior Social Worker, CARE Clinic, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.6067
Omar A. Sanchez Manager Systems and Applications, Central Administration, IT 713.500.5513
Mary P. Senkel, FNP Nurse Practitioner, CARE Clinic, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7837
Gabriela Sollowin, BBA Support Specialist, CARE Clinic and PATH Program, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7840
Sandy Southern, MHA Senior Administrative Coordinator, Pediatric Cardiology and Critical Care 713.500.5737
Daniel K. Sperry, RN Follow-up Research Nurse, Neonatology 713.500.5734
Emily K. Stephens, RN Research Nurse, Neonatology 713.500.5734
Yaki B. Swanson Residency Coordinator, II 713.500.5730
Sandra.J.Tillis, JD Service Line Administrator, Central Administration 713.500.6429
Micky Titus Senior Executive Assistant, Center for Clinical Research & Evidence-Based Medicine 713.500.5651
Ardonia Tousant Medical Staff Coordinator, Neurology 713.500.5482
Marisela Trujillo Administrative Director, Hematology 713.500.8375
Rocio Vaglienty-Pena, MA Research Coordinator I, CARE Clinic, Child Protection Pediatrics 713.500.7819
Gabriela Villanueva Administrative Coordinator, Infectious Diseases 713.500.6608
Brendella Walton Senior Administrative Coordinator, Neonatology
Ashley Willis Administrative Coordinator, Neonatology
Nancy Wilson Senior Staff Assistant, Community & General Pediatrics 713.566.4541
Mack Womack Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Hematology 713.500.8372
Yasmin Zambrano Ortiz, RN, BSN Nurse Coordinator, Hematology 713.500.8360
Weihe Zhang, M.D. Senior Research Assistant, Infectious Diseases 713.500.5573