Which program is right for me?

*Both the CRC and MS in Clinical Research are in-person programs; there is no online or distance-learning option.


Clinical Research Curriculum (CRC) is designed for:

  • Faculty, fellows, residents and others seeking professional enrichment in order to:
    • become more proficient users of the medical literature
    • incorporate evidence-based medicine into their clinical practices
    • discuss and teach basic research principles to trainees
    • meet program requirements for formal training in scholarly activity
    • learn more about the training program at McGovern before deciding on whether to pursue the MS Degree program
    • meet basic coursework requirements in order to be eligible to apply for the MS degree program
  • Medical school graduates
    • without a current faculty or fellow position
    • seeking to strengthen applications for post-graduate clinical training
  • Clinical research staff (study coordinators, research nurses or assistants) with an interest in developing a stronger foundation in clinical research principles

MS Degree Program is designed for:

  • Faculty or fellows seeking to establish a career as an independent clinical investigator who have:
    • already completed at least one year of the CRC
    • a current appointment at a hospital or academic institution
    • protected time to complete degree requirements and attend classes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings
    • a relationship with a research mentor who has a track record of national funding in clinical research