Program Coordinators

Guidelines for Program Coordinators & Administrators

The ACGME acknowledges that “the program coordinator is a key member of the leadership team and is critical to the success of the program. As such, the program coordinator must possess skills in leadership and personnel management appropriate to the complexity of the program. Program coordinators are expected to develop in-depth knowledge of the ACGME and Program Requirements, including policies and procedures. Program coordinators assist the program director in meeting accreditation requirements, educational programming, and support of residents.”


UT Program Administrator’s Council (UT PAC)!

Who we are?
UT PAC is an institutional group composed of all UTHealth professionals involved in the support and management of our graduate medical education programs.

What are our goals?
UT PAC is an investment in the people who are directly responsible for the success of the institution’s GME programs – our goal is to continue to develop the knowledge and skills of the members to ensure the effective management of all the departments while supporting the mission of the university.

What do we do?
UT PAC works closely with our institutional GME office to create professional development opportunities for all of it’s members.

What we provide?  Resources for you!

  • Teams
  • UT PAC Officers
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Important Links
  • CANVAS – for members only

For new program administrators who want to be added to our group – please Contact us!

ACGME Coordinator Advisory Group 

The ACGME is pleased to introduce and welcome the 2023-2026 Coordinator Advisory Group members. See the new member listing on the Coordinator Advisory Group web page, which includes additional information about the group, as well as details on the member nomination process for future cohorts. Email questions to