UTHealth Affiliated Harris Health Programs

Need to Know

As we prepare to launch our LBJ Laboratory construction project, we agree to never compromise on patient safety.

If, at any time, you believe that construction should be paused because of a patient safety issue, please escalate your concern to the house supervisor. The house supervisor will contact the construction team and also brief Executive Administration on the issue.

Please contact your manager for more details. Thank you for being a patient safety champion.

Discovery Leading to Innovation

Over the past three years, physicians have initiated 63 projects at LBJ Hospital. The LBJ Clinical Research Unit has assisted investigators with the development of research and approval processes.

Two competitions are held each year, one for residents and one for faculty, that allow the physicians at LBJ Hospital to showcase the quality initiatives that they are implementing in order to improve patient care.



Research Initiatives at LBJ Hospital

Principal InvestigatorStudy TitleGrantor
Rosa M. Estrada-y-Martin, MD Cocaine Use among Patients Admitted to LBJ MICU with DKA and Hyperosmolar HyperglycemiaUTHealth
Raymond Cho, MD, MScA Cluster Randomized, Multi-Center, Parallel-Group, Rater-Blind Study Comparing Treatment with Aripiprazole Once Monthly and Treatment as Usual on Effectiveness in First Episode and Early Phase Illness in SchizophreniaOtsuka Pharmaceuticals
Mike Liang, MD Modifying Risk in Ventral Hernia PatientsCenter for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Mike Liang, MD Prospective Observational Trial of Initial Non-Operative Management of Ventral Hernia RepairCenter for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Mike Liang, MD Practice Methods, Outcomes, and the Results of Ventral Hernia Management: LBJ Retrospective and Prospective Database on Ventral Hernia Outcomes and Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Ventral Hernia ManagementUTHealth
Mike Liang, MD Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair: The Design of a Randomized Trial to Compare Bridged and Transcutaneous Closure of Central Defect Surgical TechniquesUTHealth
Mike Liang, MD Practice Methods, Outcomes, and Results of Ventral Hernia Management: LBJ Retrospective Database on Ventral Hernia Outcomes and Patient-Reported Outcomes following Ventral Hernia ManagementUTHealth
Muhammad Zare, MD Retrospective Cohort Study of Multidisciplinary Diabetes Care in a Safety Net SystemUTHealth
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS Patient-Reported Outcomes and Shared Decision-Making in Diverticular DiseaseAmerican Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS Risk Factors for a Positive ColonoscopyUTHealth
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS A Randomized Trial of the Effect of Timing of Cholecystectomy during Initial Admission for Mild Gallstone PancreatitisUTHealth
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS Improving Outcomes in Benign Biliary DiseaseUTHealth
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS Shared Decision Making in Gallstone DiseaseUTHealth
Lillian Kao, MD, FACS Outcomes in Medically Underserved Patients with Diverticular DiseaseUTHealth
Ibrahim Alava III, MD Head and Neck Cancer Patient Navigation Intervention and Medical Home ProjectUTHealth
John Riggs, MD Trends of Postpartum Bilateral Tubal Ligation after Initiation of Immediate Postpartum Placement of Long-Acting Reversible ContraceptionUTHealth
Curtis Wray, MD Breast Cancer for Harris County Hospital District (HCHD)UTHealth
Curtis Wray, MD GI and Genitourinary (GU) Cancer (Urinary bladder, Kidney/Renal, Adrenal, Ureter, Urethra, Testicular, Prostate) Database for Harris County Hospital District (HCHD)UTHealth
Gabriel Aisenberg, MD Duration of Hypoxemia in Pneumocystis Jirovecii PneumoniaUTHealth
Lois Ramondetta, MD A Prospective Study Examining the Barriers to Care for Harris County Cervical Cancer PatientsMD Anderson
Alyssa Rieber, MD Characteristics, Findings and, Outcomes of Referred Patients to a Symptom Control and Palliative Care Team in a Public General Hospital and a Comprehensive Cancer CenterMD Anderson
Alyssa Rieber, MD Patient History Database and Repository of Biological Samples - LBJ General HospitalMD Anderson
Alyssa Rieber, MD LBJ Patient History Database - Serum/DNA BankMD Anderson
Arlene Nazario, MD Collection and Banking of Data on Patients seen by the Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital Oncology ServiceMD Anderson