Users will be trained on their instrument of choice. Users may require several training periods before they are allowed to operate the instruments independently.

Guidelines for instrument usage that will maintain quality of the instruments and allow access for numerous users will be adhered to or facility privileges may be revoked. All equipment which has not been properly cared for (e.g. oil left on the objective lens, etc) will be charged at the “Assisted Use” price.

Preliminary screening of fluorescence staining should be done on conventional fluorescence microscopes prior to use of the microscopes.

Users are expected to be familiar with basic immunostaining, fixation techniques and slide preparation, as well as the fundamental principles of fluorescence microscopy.

Interactions that involve more than basic instruction on how to operate the microscopes should lead to a collaborative work arrangement and co-authorship of papers, by mutual agreement of all parties.

Citation/Publication Policy: Please acknowledge the Center for Advanced Microscopy in all publications and presentations supported with the use of the facility.