Common Equipment

“Outstanding Core Facilities and Departmental Equipment Support our Research Interests”

Room #
Cellometer Auto Viability System 2000NexcelomMSB 4.618
CellometerNexcelomMSE R313
Scintillation Counters
2100 TR Liquid Scintillation CounterPerkin ElmerMSB 4.438
4910 TR Liquid Scintillation CounterPerkin ElmerMSB 4.438
Autoclave 3545ETuttnaer Brinkman MSB 4.032
Primus Sterilizer AutoclaveSRSMSB 4.614
Allegra 6 Centrifuge (low speed)Beckman-CoulterMSB 4.038
J6-HC CentrifugeBeckmanMSB 4.008
Optima LE-80K UltracentrifugeBeckmanMSB 4.008
Optima LE-80K UltracentrifugeBeckmanMSB 4.032
RC6 Plus CentrifugeSorvallMSB 4.616
RC5 Plus Centrifuge (low speed)SorvallMSB 4.438
Optima Max XP UltracentrifugeBeckmanMSB 4.616
Optima L100 XP UltracentrifugeBeckmanMSE R303
Allegra X-15R, Tabletop CentrifugeBeckmanMSE R301
Avanti JE CentrifugeBeckmanMSE R303C
Eppendorf 5810R CentrifugeEppendorfMSB 4.318
Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge mod#C-MH30UNICOMSB 4.424
Leica 1850 CryostatLeicaMSB 4.326
Fluorescence Plate Reader, Emax PlusMolecular DevicesMSB 4.030
Fluorescence Plate Reader, Infinity M200TecanMSB 4.030
Fluorescence Plate Reader, POLARStar OptimaBMGMSB 4.008
Spectrophotometer, Agilent 60AgilentMSB 4.030
Spectrophotometer, ND-1000NanoDropMSB 4.030
Spectrophotometer, ND-1000NanoDropMSB 4.153
Spectrophotometer, ND-1000NanoDropMSE R301
Microplate ShakerLabnetMSB 4.316
MaxQHP480 Orbital Shaker (Refrigerated)ThermoFisherMSB 4.326
Orbital Shaker (Refrigerated)FormaMSB 4.030
Incubator/ShakerThermo Fisher MaxQ4000MSB 4.616
Patch Clamp
Microscope with patch clamp rigNikon, AxonMSB 4.314
Speed Vac Concentrators
SpeedVac ConcentratorSavantMSB 4.032
Gel Processing/Imaging
Chemi-doc MP Imaging System BioRadMSB 4.030
Film Processor, MINI-Med 90KodakMSB 4.326
Imager (gels, chemiluminescence, visible)Azure Biosystems C280MSE R311
Sapphire Biomolecular Fluorescent imager (gels, NIR, chemiluminescence, visibleAzure BiosystemsMSB 4.030
FluroChem Q, Multimage IIIAlpha InnotechMSE R301
Additional Common Equipment
NGC Quest 10 Chromatography System (FPLC)Bio-RadMSB 4.512
Litesizer 100 (Light-Scattering for Characterizing Particles)Anton PaarMSB 4.424
2100 BioanalyzerAgilentMSB 4.153
Automated plate stack readerMSD Sector ImagerMSB 4.153
200 IS SystemLuminexMSB 4.153
Lightcycler - Realtime PCR - 384 well platesRocheMSB 4.153
PCR Machine - 2720 thermal cyclerApplied BiosystemsMSB 4.153
Te 48-position flow rack Tecan MSB 4.153
Hybex Microarray incubation systemSciGeneMSB 4.153
Polytron w/two probe sizesBrinkmanMSB 4.316
Water Purification System
MilliQ Biocell water purification systemMilliporeMSB 4.030
MilliQ Biocell Water Purification SystemMilliporeMSB 4.008
Water  purification systemSiemensMSB 4.526
MilliQ Biocell Water Purification SystemMilliporeMSE R302
Exer3/6 rodent treadmillColumbus Instrumentsupon request
Dual Camera, live Fluorescence Imaging SystemIntelligent ImagingMSB 4.412
Electrophysiology/ImagingMSB 4.314
Center for Advanced Microscopy - fee for service
Lambert LIFA Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Nikon TiE Wide-Field Fluorescence Imaging System Lambert/NikonMSB 4.524
Nikon A1 RNikonMSB 4.528
Nikon N-STORM+TIRFNikonMSB 4.536B
Nikon N-SIMNikonMSB 4.536C
Nikon A1 Confocal Laser Microscope System + PicoQuangNikonMSB 4.536A
IMM-ZX R Confocal Laser Microscope SystemNikonIMM, Microscopy Core, 616
IVIS Lumina XRCaliper Life ScienceMSE R638