Center for Advanced Microscopy

Our Nikon systems officially form a Nikon Center of Excellence at UTHealth.
See Nikon’s webpage for more information.

The McGovern Medical School, Center for Advanced Microscopy, is a state of the art microscopy facility, which directly supports the Department of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology. The facility is also available for use by scientists within McGovern Medical School, UTHealth and the Texas Medical Center.

The equipment currently available within the Center is listed below. In addition, we also have several image analysis computers available; with offline versions of each instrument’s imaging software: NIS-Elements, Metamorph, LI-FLIM, Life Image, Slidebook, Autoquant.

The staff of the microscopy center provides initial training on using the microscopes as well as assistance with image analysis. Potential users must meet with the facility staff to discuss research requirements. To schedule a consultation or training session pleaseĀ contact the facility manager. Trained users can directly book equipment and manage their sessions via iLabs.