BioMotion Lab


Dr. Zandiyeh, Ph.D., directs the UT Health Biomotion Laboratories in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. The Biomotion Laboratory conducts extensive preclinical and clinical research focusing on comprehensive biomechanical and electrophysiological measurements in-vivo. Studies utilize advanced 3D imaging (CT and MRI), dynamic assessment of joint function (Using a high-speed Dynamic Stereo X-ray (DSX) system), muscle activities (electromyography), and musculoskeletal modeling. The Biomotion Lab is focused on the following main topics: (1) To investigate how bone and joint injuries and their pathologies impact their dynamic movements during muscle-driven functional activities. (2) To improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient care for patients with orthopedic pathologies.

BioMotion Lab Team

  • Payam Zandiyeh, Ph.D.
    Lab Director
  • Alonso Figueroa Alonso Figueroa, MSc
    Research Engineer
  • Anton Poral, BSJonathan Ross, BS
    Research Assistant
  • Jonathan Ross, BSAnton Poral, BS
    Research Assistant

Research Interests

  • The impact of surgical treatments on the shoulder biomechanics following Acromioclavicular joint injury.
  • In-vivo Biomechanics and Laxity measurements following ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  • The role of biological augmentation on rotator cuff healing and shoulder mechanics post-surgery
  • Predictive modeling and kinematic outcomes for Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
  • Effect of shoe orthotics on the lower limb biomechanics
  • UTE MRI as a tool to evaluate the ligamentization process
  • The role of fixation rigidity on fracture healing in lower limb
  • The effects of TMJ Disorder treatment on muscle activation and jaw biomechanics

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