The curriculum is divided into a two-year cycle, which allows each resident to see the cycle twice as they proceed through their PGY1 to PGY5 years. There are five hours of core orthopedic educational conferences through the week, which are then supplemented by specific conferences by some of the subspecialty rotations. Local resident attendance is expected and monitored on each day’s schedule. On Thursdays, all residents are expected to convene and are relieved of clinical responsibilities.

Monthly Schedule

1. Monday
a. Subspecialty conferences

2. Tuesday
a. Foot and Ankle
b. Pediatric
c. Cadaver Labs
d. 5th Tuesday – PM&R/Radiology

3. Wednesday
a. Basic Science
b. Sports Medicine
c. Oncology
d. Hand
e. 5th Wednesday – OITE Review

4. Thursday
a. OITE Review Resident Lecture
b. Total Joints
c. M&M and Journal Club
d. Trauma Indications or Didactic Lecture and Upper Extremity
e. 5th Thursday – Cadaver Labs

5. Friday
a. Weekly Resident/Fellow Lectures
b. Visiting Professors
c. Problem Fracture Conference
d. Ortho Trauma/Trauma Conference