Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Anatomic Pathology, Cytopathology, Surgical Pathology

Research Interests

Dr. Jing Liu is a highly experienced academic cytopathologist and a surgical pathologist with an expertise in thyroid pathology. She is Professor and Director of Cytopathology in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of The University of Texas – Houston Medical School. She completed a cytopathology fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston following a combined anatomic and clinical pathology residency training . After her fellowship, she has served on the faculty of The University of Texas from 1999 including at the Department of Pathology of Medical School at Dallas in 1999 -2000 and at the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine of Medical School at Houston from 2000 to present time.

Dr. Liu served as Medical Director of Cytology Laboratory of Memorial Hermann hospital System, Director of Fine Needle Aspiration Outpatient Clinic Cancer Center of Memorial Hermann Hospital at Texas Medical Center, Director (interim) of Gynecologic Pathology Section and Associate Director of Immunohistochemistry Laboratory at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.  Now, she is Medical Director of Cytology of Memorial Hermann hospital at Texas Medical Center.

Dr. Liu’s research interest is in translational cytopathology and immunohistochemistry for diagnosis and therapeutic targets. She has mentored more than 40 residents for translational research projects, resulting in numerous presentations at international/national/state pathology meetings and/or publications in peer reviewed professional journals. She is an editor and a reviewer for many medical journals. Dr. Liu believes that an accurate cytology diagnosis relies on the comprehensive knowledge of cytopathology, surgical pathology and molecular pathology.