Pediatric Research Center

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The Pediatric Research Center is the basic research division of the Department of Pediatrics at McGovern Medical School UTHealth. The Center is home to leading research scientists whose work focuses on identifying the causes of birth defects/disabilities and developmental disorders.  These conditions affect approximately 25% of newborns and children inflicting significant morbidity and are the leading cause of mortality in this group.  Diagnostic, multiple medical and long-term care interventions are needed to manage these newborns and children translating into significant health care burdens for patients, families and society.  Towards alleviating these burdens, our researchers focus on basic and translational research in order to understand the causes of cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, kidney and cardiovascular malformations and disorders resulting from abnormal cartilage and bone growth.  State of the art technologies are used to identify the underlying abnormal genetic mechanisms and cellular pathologies that contribute to these conditions.  The long-term goal of the Pediatric Research Center investigators is to uncover the cause(s) of birth defects in order to develop both prevention strategies and treatments to cure sick children, since not all birth defects can be prevented.

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