CCSQS Research

By developing and implementing quality improvement and clinical research we aim to reduce clinically unnecessary procedures and decrease rates of readmissions. Our research also focuses on improving patient safety culture through a total systems approach in order to ensure positive patient health outcomes. The center partners with fellows, residents and medical students in order to advance the surgical evidence base and its application in clinical practice.


Pediatric Surgery
Our research in pediatric surgery focuses on a variety of diagnostic, operative and postoperative surgical care In children with congenital and acquired anomalies and diseases. This includes hepatic malignancies, surgical feeding tubes, Ladd’s procedure outcomes, burn patients, congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair, appendicitis and pectus.

Quality and Patient Safety
In our continued effort to improve quality of care and patient safety, our research in this area includes reviewing implementation and adherence of safety checklists, imaging practices, reduction and prevention of healthcare associated infections, and discharge pathways and outcomes. We understand that patients play a significant role in safety and therefore have teamed up with our patient population in order to make further advances in this area.

Health disparities can have a major impact on outcomes on children. Some of our research in this area includes studying the impacts of socioeconomics and race and the barriers that may result in poor outcomes.

As trauma continues to be one of the most common causes of death in the American pediatric population, our research team is committed to researching pediatric traumatic deaths that are potentially preventable by the continued assessment of various traumatic injury outcomes and implementation of interventions in this patient population.