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Largest School
“We physicians are a privileged lot - privileged to serve, to share the human drama of our patients, and to contribute to their health and well-being.” - John P. McGovern, MD
Numbers representing an average MCAT score of 512, age of students ranging from 19 to 41 years old with the average age of 23 years old, 231 of Texas residents, average GPA of 3.99 & numbers of male and female students at 109 and 131 respectively.
Numbers listing 8,859 of total MD graduates, 1,791 of total faculty, 1,226 of total residents/fellows & 4,855 of total staff
UTPhysicians: The clinical practice of McGovern Medical School with 1.8 million Outpatient visits, More than 2,000 providers in more than 80 subspecialties & 100+ locations and growing.
Primary Teaching Hospitals: Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, Harris Health LBJ General Hospital, Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center, TIRR Memorial Hermann, UTHealth Harris County Psychiatric Center, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
23 Basic science and clinical departments; $214 million in Research Awards; Six Dual Degrees: MD & PHD, MD & MBA, MD & MS, MD & MPH, MD & OMFS, MD & MBE
Photo of students walking in Weber Plaza
“To be properly educated to practice his or her art, it is essential that a knowledge of science be supplemented by familiarity with the humanities.” — John P. McGovern, MD