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What is Graduate Medical Education

Upon completion of medical school, physicians continue their didactic and clinical education in a medical specialty of their choosing. This is graduate medical education. This further training prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine in that specialty.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) serves as the official institutional liaison between McGovern Medical School and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The McGovern Medical School Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) oversees and monitors over 60 ACGME accredited residency/fellowship programs and over 25 Texas Medical Board approved fellowships. The GME Office works closely with the GME Committee, program directors, faculty, program coordinators and its affiliated hospitals in order to ensure a high quality educational experience and appropriate work environment for over 900 residents who are pursuing specialty and subspecialty training.

The GME Office works cooperatively with the GME Committee, program directors, and faculty to maintain the highest quality educational experiences and appropriate work environment for all residents and fellows. The GME Office also works with the affiliated hospitals regarding the allocation of funded positions for residents and fellows, and documents the effort expended by residents and fellows for billing purposes and for reimbursement to affiliated hospitals by government agencies. The GME Office works with the residents on such items as licensure, institutional permits, educational documentation, loan deferment, and grievance procedures.

The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) supervises, coordinates, reviews and assures quality education of all graduate medical education programs, which includes training programs for interns, residents, and fellows. The GMEC accomplishes its task through:

  • Establishing policies that apply to all graduate medical education programs.
  • Maintaining appropriate oversight of and liaison with program directors and assuring that program directors establish and maintain proper oversight of and liaison with appropriate personnel of other institutions.
  • Regularly reviewing all ACGME letters of accreditation and developing and monitoring action plans for the correction of citations.
  • Conducting internal reviews of all graduate medical education programs.
  • Assuring that each residency program establishes and implements formal written criteria and processes for the selection. evaluation, and promotion and dismissal of residents.
  • Assuring an educational environment in which residents may raise and resolve issues without fear of intimidation or retaliation.
  • Collecting intra-institutional information and making recommendations on the appropriate funding for residency programs.
  • Monitoring of programs and establishing an appropriate work environment and the duty hours of residents.

Contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education if you need more information on GME. Click here to view an organizational chart for GME.