The Graduate Medical Education Committee


The purpose of the Graduate Medical Education Committee shall be to oversee all programs in graduate medical education sponsored by the Medical School. The committee shall examine adequacy of the clinical environments and structure according to the guidelines for General Requirements of the ACGME. The committee shall perform relevant internal reviews of each training program to assess its compliance with both the institutional requirements and relevant program requirements of the ACGME. The committee shall serve as a forum for discussion of graduate medical education issues to include not only clinical environments but resident quality of life, recruitment, specialty choice and outcome. The membership of the Committee on Graduate Medical Education shall be recommended from among the Faculty members who are program directors of an approved residency or fellowship, other members of the Faculty and members of the house staff chosen by the President and Vice President of the House Staff Association. The Associate Dean for Educational Programs shall be a member with voting privilege. The Graduate Education Committee on Quality Assessment shall be a subcommittee of the GME Committee and shall function to receive and review reports and cases in which the patient care rendered by McGovern Medical School resident physicians is called into question to the extent that the resident physician’s residency program should be notified and remedial action taken. This subcommittee is a peer-review committee established pursuant to Texas law and shall function under its own bylaws, which are approved by the Senate. The Associate Dean for Educational Programs shall be a member with voting privilege.


Graduate Medical Education Committee Members

  • Pamela Promecene-Cook, M.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO)  – Chair
  • Samuel Luber, M.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education
  • Emma Ferguson, M.D., Task Force Director – Assessment and Evaluation
  • Vineeth John, M.D., Task Force Director – Professionalism
  • Emma Omoruyi, M.D., Task Force Director – Health Equity, Engagement and Well-being
  • Mark Warner, M.D., Task Force Director – Faculty Development and Scholarly Activity
  • Bela Patel, M.D., Vice Dean, Healthcare Quality & Chief Safety Officer, MHH – Ex officio
  • Tien C. Ko, M.D., Associate Dean, Harris County Programs (LBJ Chief of Staff) – Ex Officio
  • Philip Orlander, M.D., Associate Dean, Educational Programs – Ex officio
  • Allison R. Ownby, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Faculty & Educational Development – Ex officio
  • Jose Garcia, M.D., General Director AMS – Ex Officio
  • Jill Herrin, M.B.A., Director, Graduate Medical Education Office – Ex officio

Other Invited Guests

  • Griselda Cavazos, Program Manager/ACGME Institutional Coordinator
  • Kristelle Grant Deterville, Program Manager/ACGME Institutional Coordinator
  • Arlene Thomas, Healthcare Risk Specialist
  • Catherine R. Thompson, Healthcare Risk Manager, Legal Affairs & Institutional Compliance

Voting Members – Term Expires August 31, 2024

  • Roukaya Al Hammoud, M.D., Pediatrics
  • Akshay Chaku, M.D., Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
  • Julie Gutierrez, M.D., Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Hunter Hamilton, M.D., Pediatrics
  • Mateja Jezovnik, M.D., Ph.D., ACTAT
  • Mubeen Khan, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Abayomi Ogunwale, M.D., Family and Community Medicine
  • Rex Alvin Paulino, M.D., Internal Medicine
  • Sean Rose, Ph.D., Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging
  • Karen Schneider, M.D., Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
  • Gowri Stevens, M.D., Emergency Medicine
  • Jessica L. Wilson, M.D., Emergency Medicine

2023-2024 Resident/Fellow Representatives  – Term Expires June 30, 2024

  • Ryan Lord, M.D.,
    • President – Anesthesiology
  • Mi Sun Bae, M.D.,
    • President-Elect – Anesthesiology
  • Devi Bavishi, M.D.,
    • Vice President – General Surgery
  • Audrey Sharp, M.D.,
    • Secretary/Treasurer – Emergency Medicine
  • Yasmine Bargoti-Gosey, M.D.,
    • Member at Large – Pediatrics
  • Deptmer Ashley, M.D.,
    • Fellow Trustee – Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship 
  • Bobby Gosey, M.D.,
    • Resident and Fellow Wellness & Experience Representative

NOTE: Standing members may send a representative in their place to the GMEC meetings but after 3 consecutive absences without representation they will lose membership on the GMEC. Questions about this committee should be addressed to