Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Force Sensing and Metabolism

The Wenzel Lab is focused on the role of biomechanical force generated by flow of fluids such as blood and lymph in determination of cellular fate, motility behaviors, and modulation of the immune system. We are particularly interested in cellular mechanisms which could be leveraged for treatment of patients with hematological disorders, immune dysfunction, and cancers. Our cancer research aims to identify new ways of preventing the spread of cancer by understanding how lymphatic flow and force in the tumor microenvironment modulate metastatic programs and the immune system. Our stem cell research seeks to support recovery of the immune system after cancer treatment and is centered on how blood flow regulates fate decisions and energy metabolism during hematopoietic stem cell specification. Our team employs principles of molecular genetics, cell biology, bioenergetics, microfabrication, and engineering to address these questions.


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    Recommended in F1000Prime for special significance in its field.
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