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Development of molecular imaging probes

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  • Development of molecular imaging probes with radioactive and near-infrared labels
  • Synthesis of novel chelation platforms for radiolabeling and drug design
  • Optimization of NIRF labeling methods
  • Pharmacological evaluation of imaging probes targeting tumors and other molecular processes
    Azhdarinia Lab Figure 2

    Figure 2 Summary: Biodistribution of PEP3 conjugated with a NIR fluorophore. (b) Whole-body NIR fluorescence imaging of cold acclimated mice 4 and 24 hrs after iv administration of indicated doses of IRDye800-conjugated PEP3 or control PEP1. Arrows: interscapular signal; arrowheads: perirenal signal. Insets show black/white photographs of mice that had skin removed from the back for imaging. (adapted from Azhdarinia, A. et al., Nat Commun. 4:2472, 2013).

    Azhdarinia Lab Figure

    Figure 1 Summary: Representative multimodality images in a tumor-bearing mouse at 40 h post-injection of 64Cu-labeled mAb7 (A). Focal tumor signal was visualized by DsRed and NIRF imaging in vivo (circle). Ex vivo imaging on selected tissues showed comparable fluorescence levels in the kidneys and tumor with low signal elsewhere. Quantification of 64Cu-mAb7 uptake is represented in (B) and indicates highest signal in liver, tumor, and kidneys. Arrow indicates excised tumor. K = kidney, Lu = lung, H = heart, M = muscle. Scale bar = 1.6 cm. (from Ghosh, S.C. et al., J Med Chem, 56(2):406-16, 2013).


Publication Information


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